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With our rich expertise and experience, we engineer an unmatched range of rare earth magnets and magnetic separators for varied industrial applications....

Rare Earth Magnetics.....An Overview

Magnets and magnetic separators are the vital part of every process and general engineering concern. Rare Earth Magnetics is a globally recognized manufacturer, exporter, trader and supplier of various rare earth magnets and magnetic separators. We are also an importer of rare earth magnets from the markets of China, Japan and USA. Empowered with well experienced engineers, we offer an efficient line of magnetic separators in various grades such as drum type, chute type, hump type, grid type, bullet type and online liquid magnetic separators. Our portfolio of products also includes rare earth magnets like sintered NdFeB rare earth magnets, bonded NdFeB rare earth magnets, SmCo magnets, Arc/Segment rare earth magnets, etc. We are also a service provider of Designing of Magnetic Devices and Systems as per customer's requirements.

We are specialized in para magnetic particle separator required in pharmaceutical companies, with very high flux density having >10000 Gauss on the surface. We also supply magnetic separators that work at up to 350oC temperature. We sell all kinds of Sintered and Bonded Rare Earth Magnets (NdFeB & SmCo) grades N35, N45, N50, H, SH, UH, SmCo5, Sm2Co17.

A perfect blend of well trained manpower and ultra modern machines, we take a close insight into the client's requirement, utilizing the world's best methodology in our process. Our products are widely used in many noted Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Polymer, Steel, Cement, Refractory and Ceramic Industries. With our superior quality, better after sales services and client centric approaches, we want to attain the maximum degree in the arena of client satisfaction.

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